it’s been awhile, where you been?

ohmygoodness here we are at 25 – almost 26 – weeks!! i’ve been gone for so long! i am going to hate myself one day for skipping so many weeks with the belly pictures and the updates, but oh well! might just have to have another little bebe so i can do it all over again heehee. so many things to get caught up on…

Image Image

so, i p o p p e d.

belly button forgot to pop, but that’s okay, it’s still flat as can be! i got one of those baby bellies that popped out and will probably be about the same size for a few weeks. i am not complaining. i can’t imagine getting any bigger, but i know i will! eek! hubby is getting tired of hearing me whine about how all my clothes don’t fit me anymore, but i MISS them! it should not be allowed for preggies to get their hands on pictures of what they looked like before. i was so shocked! and sad and wanting my summer body back! #honestly.

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to get everything caught up, we’ll do it this way :

how far along: 25 weeks 5 days

symptoms: mostly just very sleep-deprived. it’s so so hard to find a comfy spot.. i toss and turn all night and that’s WITH a gazillion pillows barricaded around me. i was such a tummy sleeper before this little guy, and i cannot wait until the day that i can sleep on my tummy again! waking up about 3-5 times to go to the bathroom during the night still. and guys guess what? there’s this awesome thing called my SCIATIC NERVE that is literally trying to kill me. i thought i wouldn’t get this preggie symptom! i jinxed myself. i’ll get random shooting pains through mostly my upper thighs, and sometimes right about my hips. it’s so fun. but no nausea! so that’s a blessing! also, it’s getting pretty hilarious over here with the whole “here i know you can’t see your feet anymore but please pee in this teeny tiny cup and do it quickly” song and dance at the doctor’s office. i’m real talented.

weight gain: why is this a topic. why. i’ll just calmly state that i’m over the 25-30 pound norm. pregnancy books should do some rewrites. not ALL woman go through the same weight gain stages. not everyone will have the same pregnancy experience. can we all just accept this. oh my goodness ; )

wedding rings: on but snug as a bug. i got some really cute chubby fingers these days.

cravings: greek yogurt. pickles (i know). sugar. how awful. ooh and kettle cooked salt and vinegar chips. MM. can’t eat them around the man though because he says they’re smelly. i do it anyways. i’m the pregnant one here. i’ll say what’s smelly.

movement: i have speculations as to whether i might be preparing to birth a ninja. this little guy can KICK. he can do this cool trick where he can kick my cervix (at least that’s what it feels like). he’s gonna be a lil stinker like his daddy. oh and he can headbutt me now. always to the right of my belly button. those little hands are waving around too. i can feel him most in the morning after i eat some breakfast and i swear coffee makes him kick, and i can usually feel him in the evenings too. pretty normal. getting sweet braxton hicks too. they don’t hurt, they just feel — i don’t even know. everything tightens up into a ball and i feel like i have to freeze everytime i feel one come on. hah.

belly button: flat. i want it to be an outie, at least for awhile! i don’t know why i am so obsessed with my belly button right now but i AM. my man calls me belly button girl and it makes me giggle.

excited for: decorating the nursery! and hopefully a 4-d ultrasound. and hopefully being able to see his little feet or his booty or an elbow from the outside of my belly! i really just can’t wait for him to be here.

missing: my pre-pregnancy body. a whole lot. and being able to drink caffeine! and being able to stay up past 10!

stretch marks: none on my belly, yes on my sides. still using cocoa butter but kinda slacking because it’s so darn cold! i’m a lazy butt. although my view on stretch marks and such things changed after i read this amazing article. seriously go read it.

how big is baby: somewhere between 1 1/2 – 2 pounds. although i have this sneaky hunch this one is gonna be a big baby. he’s already measuring big! and oh my gosh my uterus is the size of a soccer ball. are you joking me right now. i can’t believe this is humanly possible!

feeling: super, super, super emotional. about everything. you name it, i’m crying. my poor man is walking around on tiptoes! i can’t help it! i’m pregnant and i’m allowed to cry! also addicted to cleaning. like deep cleaning. and it’s been a FABULOUS few days because i am sick. like my whole brain is congested, runny nose, throat is on fire. thank you baby for stealing all of my immune system to protect yourself! i am over here catching every bug that’s floating around.

so that’s that! i’m sure there’s like a million and one more things that i’m forgetting, but that’s all i can remember right now : (

starting to collect some lovely little items for the bebe’s room. still no idea if we’re going to have a “theme” or not. my brain is all over the place with it. i just want him to love it and i want it to be different. and not too baby-ish. i’ll get back to you on that.

super obsessed with etsy baby stores right now. they have like a million. i’m not joking. online shopping is baaaaad….

love is in the air! valentines day is almost here! super bowl is sunday, along with my man’s BIRTHDAY. it’s gonna be a big partayy. real excited for the days ahead. and i promise i’ll never leave my sweet little blog out in the cold ever again.




don’t mind the awkward bathroom selfie


today today today! we gonna go straight down to the doctor’s office today and see if this little bebe is a boy or a girl! fingers crossed for a boy, shh don’t wanna jinx it! little one is kicking so much, just dancin around so hopefully little babes will cooperate with us today and show us the big surprise! friday i turned 18 weeks, so i am just around the corner from 19 weeks today. don’t know why i only seem to post every other week.. sometimes pregnancy brain kicks in and forgets to tell me i have a blog and someday i am gonna want to remember what i looked like at 18 weeks. ooh well…

christmas is also just right around the corner. i can’t wait to put this little bump in a christmas dress eek. i want this one. i want christmas parties! and decorating cookies! and eating cookies! and wrapping presents! and then a very long drive to arizona with the lover. sure is gonna be a fun one.. with oh just about 103948573920285 bathroom breaks on the drive there in the foreseeable future. heehee. holidays are the best days. for real.

ps. casual style inspiration by the lovely lovemebright lady over here.


oh, just ten things pregnancy has made me miss { 17 weeks }





1. sleeping on my tummy

2. my belly button

3. buttoning my jeans

4. enjoying normal, acceptable food combinations { see note: pickles at every meal is not acceptable }

5. being able to stay up past 9:30

6. remembering { pretty much anything. why i walked into the room, where i set my coffee, when to take my stupid prenatal vitamin }

7. painting my toe nails

8. drinking as much coffee as i want. turns out, i’m addicted. hooray caffeine withdrawal headaches.

9. red bull. seriously, it’s bad for you. i probably shouldn’t have been drinking it in the first place.

10. sushi

one more thanksgiving tomorrow. i’m gonna pass out with all this turkey i’ve consumed.

but. so. yummy.

eleven things to make this winter


1. a big chunky red scarf like that one

2. a camera strap like this one for my bestie

3. one of these valentine’s day banners for our house in february


(my valentine all the time)

4.  master the herringbone stitch for to make scarves and other cozy lovely things

5. this mug for my love because the last one i made him is ruined a little past its prime

6. this cute squishy octopus or wallie the whale or this soft rattle giraffe 

7. this pretty baby mobile if baby beck is a girl

8. this sign for our kitchen

9. more stained wooden crates for things in the living room

10. artichokes. enough said.

11. homemade apple pie

also, here’s a picture from my high school’s homecoming game last night! so fun to finally be an alumni woot woot. got to see old friends and watch my little big brother play football. NOT TO MENTION he also escorted the homecoming queen. what. stud.


also : the very. first. picture. i am actually starting to show any signs of a baby! yesyesyes.

baby bump : me + some very cuute outfits are ready for you.

soo hurry up.