oh, just ten things pregnancy has made me miss { 17 weeks }





1. sleeping on my tummy

2. my belly button

3. buttoning my jeans

4. enjoying normal, acceptable food combinations { see note: pickles at every meal is not acceptable }

5. being able to stay up past 9:30

6. remembering { pretty much anything. why i walked into the room, where i set my coffee, when to take my stupid prenatal vitamin }

7. painting my toe nails

8. drinking as much coffee as i want. turns out, i’m addicted. hooray caffeine withdrawal headaches.

9. red bull. seriously, it’s bad for you. i probably shouldn’t have been drinking it in the first place.

10. sushi

one more thanksgiving tomorrow. i’m gonna pass out with all this turkey i’ve consumed.

but. so. yummy.


thank { full }


today is the day of eating turkeys and watching football and getting together with your relatives to pack on a few extra pounds that, let’s face it, we totally won’t regret in the morning. at least, me and the little bebe inside me don’t regret a single thing.

today was also the day i finally went to thanksgiving with the fiancee’s side of the family. and oh man do i love them. there were children, children everywhere. food. football. card games that got way too intense. there were baby bumps with the other lovely lady in the family who is all preggers right now too { we quite enjoy ourselves }. and there was food.

so i am stuffffffed with not only amaaazing food today { and like super extreme excitement for little baby beck on the way, and also hoping that this little one is a boy, but crossing my fingers we don’t have all. boys. forever. it’s kinda a beck tradition. and oh man i don’t think i can handle a houseful of boys. but, seriously people say that all the time. and survive. so. }, but i am also filled to the brim with thankfulness.

thankfulness for love and family and support. and for encouragement when life gets just too darn stupid for any human to deal with on their own. thankfulness for warm food and a warm home and cozy scarves. today i am thankful for being home, for being in a place i adore, the place i grew up in. thankful for a Lord and Savior who, in His last moments of hanging on a cross for the entirety of the world’s sins, had my name on His lips, and died so that in turn i could love. thankful for unconditional love. thankful for new life, and for clean slates, and for baby fingers and toes and noses.

and more than anything, thankful for a man who loves me more than life. for a boy that i had a crush on in junior high who turned into a man, like overnight. before my very eyes. a man that was my best friend through high school and decided he wanted to stick around for the long haul. i’m thankful for a man who is a provider by nature, and a man of the Lord. a man who knows what family is. a man who i know, for certain, will never leave my side and will love me through any. circumstance. i am thankful for a man who once gave me butterflies in my tummy, that now have turned into little tiny feet.

i am so thankful for you, love of my life.

what are you thank { full } for?


at home


and it’s just one of those nights that puts a big ol’ smile right across your face. first, watching cartoon movies with my little sibs and making pregnant ladies’ cookie dough. yes, that is a real thing. no, i do not advise you to try it. no one should eat that much cookie dough. found it on pinterest and it has no eggs and wierd things so you can eat it straight. it might be the worst best worst thing ever invented. maybe.

second, just working through some things in this worrisome brain of mine and reading the Lord’s word for some answers. i can’t even imagine how drastic my life would change if i actually took to heart the things that the Lord has written down in His word for me. He is in. control. completely. If I believed that, and believed all that comes along with it (including some serious side effects like unconditional love and forgiveness), my life would be completely derailed. for the better.

so, i need to work on that. big time. Lord, you are so good and you are so righteous and holy. If i follow the steps you set out for me, surely you’re going to take me under your wings. for.ev.er.

thirdly, it’s cold outside, baby. and that means cold weather outfits. and that, my friends, means. scarves. and other knitted goodies. because i will sit on the couch all night, snuggled up with a movie and the fiancé and my knitting needles. i think i’m an old soul. so, really excited for that. SO excited, in fact, that i have big news. this ol’ knitting hobby is gonna get me somewhere, yessir.

i’m opening an etsy shop. an etsy shop for big cozy scarves and such. so check that out. buy a scarf or two to keep you and your lovelies warm this holiday season.

{ coming soon }

p.s. tomorrow is thanksgiving. i’m gonna eat and eat til this little one inside me knows what thanksgiving is all about. eating being thankful, of course. this thanksgiving, i’m thankful for you, fiancé. and for being home. and for people that love and support way past your understanding. and for a God and savior who loves you, no matter what.

and for yummy food.