i know what i’m doing this weekend


my babes is gonna have one of THOSE mommas. the DIY mommas. because who said you can only DIY cute little girl tutus and bows and such? i say boy DIYS are wayyyyyyy funner. yeah, funner. yup that’s right little bebe, you’re gonna have custom made leggins, swaddles, dino sweatshirt!!!, paci clips, an arrow mobile… i’m gonna diy every little corner of this little man’s new world. i’m gettin a head start ASAP, tryin out a few, or two… or three…

tiny harem pants

arrow mobile (no tutorial, i’m just gonna eyeball it, no doubt it’ll be GREAT, i’ll let you know)

custom burp cloths (tribal patterns, YES)

lil’ man onesies w/ freezer paper stencils

triangle teepee hideout 

topknot beanie

swaddles (cool feathers and other prints, i’m thinking..)


kiddo tee (guys, it’s a bear. it’s a free printable. uh, booya.)

leather paci clips (no tutorial, i think i can eyeball this one too. i’ll let ya know.)

mod triangle quilt 

baby leggins from a stretchy skirt (5 min?)

what are your favorite things to DIY?



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