lots of little things



friday was exactly 19 weeks. may we all take a moment to recognize that my belly button is flat as a pancake. goodness gracious. we’re almost halfway there, little belly of mine. i’ll be happy to lose my belly button if it means i get to see you and your little cute belly button in a few short months.

it’s been a simple little weekend, full of simple little things. cookie-making (the annual tradition, of course) at my grandmother’s house, where i was more or less getting in the way and not improving the baking situation. the man and i went to joanns, where i spent an hour and a half (in pure BLISS, mind you) picking out enough yarn to knit about  one million seven chunky, cozy scarves before christmastime. then we babysat just the sweetest little girl for some friends of ours, and practiced being mommy and daddy. man oh man do i love that man. he’s gonna be the greatest daddy.

here’s to the halfway mark of preggers land on friday! it’s sure to be a wonderful week. (now let’s cross our fingers and hope this awful headache of mine goes away).



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