don’t mind the awkward bathroom selfie


today today today! we gonna go straight down to the doctor’s office today and see if this little bebe is a boy or a girl! fingers crossed for a boy, shh don’t wanna jinx it! little one is kicking so much, just dancin around so hopefully little babes will cooperate with us today and show us the big surprise! friday i turned 18 weeks, so i am just around the corner from 19 weeks today. don’t know why i only seem to post every other week.. sometimes pregnancy brain kicks in and forgets to tell me i have a blog and someday i am gonna want to remember what i looked like at 18 weeks. ooh well…

christmas is also just right around the corner. i can’t wait to put this little bump in a christmas dress eek. i want this one. i want christmas parties! and decorating cookies! and eating cookies! and wrapping presents! and then a very long drive to arizona with the lover. sure is gonna be a fun one.. with oh just about 103948573920285 bathroom breaks on the drive there in the foreseeable future. heehee. holidays are the best days. for real.

ps. casual style inspiration by the lovely lovemebright lady over here.



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