i know what i’m doing this weekend


my babes is gonna have one of THOSE mommas. the DIY mommas. because who said you can only DIY cute little girl tutus and bows and such? i say boy DIYS are wayyyyyyy funner. yeah, funner. yup that’s right little bebe, you’re gonna have custom made leggins, swaddles, dino sweatshirt!!!, paci clips, an arrow mobile… i’m gonna diy every little corner of this little man’s new world. i’m gettin a head start ASAP, tryin out a few, or two… or three…

tiny harem pants

arrow mobile (no tutorial, i’m just gonna eyeball it, no doubt it’ll be GREAT, i’ll let you know)

custom burp cloths (tribal patterns, YES)

lil’ man onesies w/ freezer paper stencils

triangle teepee hideout 

topknot beanie

swaddles (cool feathers and other prints, i’m thinking..)


kiddo tee (guys, it’s a bear. it’s a free printable. uh, booya.)

leather paci clips (no tutorial, i think i can eyeball this one too. i’ll let ya know.)

mod triangle quilt 

baby leggins from a stretchy skirt (5 min?)

what are your favorite things to DIY?



lots of little things



friday was exactly 19 weeks. may we all take a moment to recognize that my belly button is flat as a pancake. goodness gracious. we’re almost halfway there, little belly of mine. i’ll be happy to lose my belly button if it means i get to see you and your little cute belly button in a few short months.

it’s been a simple little weekend, full of simple little things. cookie-making (the annual tradition, of course) at my grandmother’s house, where i was more or less getting in the way and not improving the baking situation. the man and i went to joanns, where i spent an hour and a half (in pure BLISS, mind you) picking out enough yarn to knit about  one million seven chunky, cozy scarves before christmastime. then we babysat just the sweetest little girl for some friends of ours, and practiced being mommy and daddy. man oh man do i love that man. he’s gonna be the greatest daddy.

here’s to the halfway mark of preggers land on friday! it’s sure to be a wonderful week. (now let’s cross our fingers and hope this awful headache of mine goes away).


guess what?


isaboy. isaboy. isaboy. we are so excited over here!! already got half the nursery picked out, nah. i want him to be here, now, so i can wrap him up in cute blankets and little mocs for christmas! oh well, bebe. you can have a few more months of fattenin up in momma’s belly. lots of dirt and giggles and adventures comin right up. xo.

don’t mind the awkward bathroom selfie


today today today! we gonna go straight down to the doctor’s office today and see if this little bebe is a boy or a girl! fingers crossed for a boy, shh don’t wanna jinx it! little one is kicking so much, just dancin around so hopefully little babes will cooperate with us today and show us the big surprise! friday i turned 18 weeks, so i am just around the corner from 19 weeks today. don’t know why i only seem to post every other week.. sometimes pregnancy brain kicks in and forgets to tell me i have a blog and someday i am gonna want to remember what i looked like at 18 weeks. ooh well…

christmas is also just right around the corner. i can’t wait to put this little bump in a christmas dress eek. i want this one. i want christmas parties! and decorating cookies! and eating cookies! and wrapping presents! and then a very long drive to arizona with the lover. sure is gonna be a fun one.. with oh just about 103948573920285 bathroom breaks on the drive there in the foreseeable future. heehee. holidays are the best days. for real.

ps. casual style inspiration by the lovely lovemebright lady over here.


oh, just ten things pregnancy has made me miss { 17 weeks }





1. sleeping on my tummy

2. my belly button

3. buttoning my jeans

4. enjoying normal, acceptable food combinations { see note: pickles at every meal is not acceptable }

5. being able to stay up past 9:30

6. remembering { pretty much anything. why i walked into the room, where i set my coffee, when to take my stupid prenatal vitamin }

7. painting my toe nails

8. drinking as much coffee as i want. turns out, i’m addicted. hooray caffeine withdrawal headaches.

9. red bull. seriously, it’s bad for you. i probably shouldn’t have been drinking it in the first place.

10. sushi

one more thanksgiving tomorrow. i’m gonna pass out with all this turkey i’ve consumed.

but. so. yummy.