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i am obsessed with blogs. a few in particular. i can only hope and pray and cross my fingers tight that i could design and maintain a blog half as great as these ladies have. so these are my inspiration! i’m sorry if i’m taking their ideas! i promise you will get HOOKED. click on the pictures to go check out their cute little corners of the internet ❤

there’s just something about a good blog.


colemans in love.

they are such sweet people with an even sweeter child.. so inspirational to read. they love eachother and they love their little one, and they are so cute while doing so! check out their blog for the colemans wisdom through the early years, raising a son, and learn more about fanconi anemia: the battle that their little one is fighting.

blog header idea


this is kind of a new one for me, but ever since i found this momma’s blog i have been ob.sessed. obsessed. she not only has a style that i just drool over, but her journaling over the course of her pregnancy is to-die-for cuuute. i love her style inspiration for the baby bump, the way she balances her husbands ever-cool busy work schedule and having fun and lovin as a couple, and not to mention. she has a baby.

{ Designs by Shelb }

designs by shelb

shelby is actually a friend of mine, and is expecting a baby right now too 🙂 she has the sweetest spirit and loves the Lord, and that translates into a beautiful blog. her blog is full of ideas on how to decorate for different seasons, parties, and little ways to personalize your home. she is also, like, a professional when it comes to chalk boarding. so just prepare to be jealous.


the daybook blog

this. this is the first blog i ever started religiously following. this little lady ALSO has style that i die over, like seriously. all through her pregnancy she was cuter than cute and now she’s just the same. and her little one, everett, is the funniest little guy. pictures of his antics will keep you giggling, for sure. i will be stealing her baby style AND a bunch of other things she has put in everett’s nursery when my little one comes 🙂 she does tons of giveaways too, so if that’s not a plus, i don’t know what is.


ruffling feathers

emily frame is another new one for me, but since obviously i get obsessed a little too easily some might say, i already love her and her blog. her children are the sweetest little boys that have more style than i do, and she is a stylist. for a living. for real? she also does this feature where she takes a pin from the ever-cool pinterest and brings it to life with different style ideas. love that.

so, go check em out.

but please come back to me when you’re done. i don’t want to get lonely over here.

and also in other news, am i the only pregnant lady who cannot for the life of her remember to take her prenatals everyday? i swear, i’m going to have to start taping them to my forehead to remember. sorry, little bun in my oven. but in my defense, they are really yucky vitamins. not complaining. just saying, you better appreciate momma here on the outside.

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